Yoely Klein & Avremi Moshkovitz – Rateva

Shouted the boys.
A sharp cry of heartbreak and longing Father in Heaven.
A cry full of emotion eager to get closer to the Creator.
A cry of unity and strengthening.

The above description took place at a meeting of ‘Ko Eichsoif‘, headed by Rabbi Aron Gombo, daily lesson of Rabbi Nusi Steinberg, usually talk to guys on strengthening and tefillot, often accompanied by guitars and soul songs.

One of the classes were held in preparation for the upcoming Purim holiday, the boys threshed well-known saying “Hatzileini Miyad Klipas Haman Amaleik”.
A simple message begging to stay away and save himself from the impurities of this world and stick to the Father kings, swept Rabbi Steinberg to spontaneously compose this exciting ballad and full of longing for the next.

Composition: Nati Shteinberg
Arrangement: Shmulik Walder
Choir: Koh Echsof Yeshiva
Vocal Arrangement: David Toiv
Guitars: Avi Singolda
Saxophone: Ahreleh Bender
Clarinet: Nachman Herman
Recording Technician: Dudi Roth
Musical Production and Mix: Michael Tzi
Recorded at: Tenor Studios

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