Yonatan Razel Releases The Third Off His Upcoming Third Album

Already Yonatan Razel has two singles released from his upcoming album, and now he is releasing his third, called Hallelukah, in honor of the upcoming Chagim.

Yonatan said, “I’ve wanted to release a happy and upbeat song for a long time, this is really the first song of this style from me ever. The word Hallelukah is very associated with Simcha for me, it reminds me of springtime, going to Shul on Shabbos morning with my father in Nachlaot, children dancing with tambourines, and essentially the sound of all of creation together…Kol Haneshama Tehallel Kah Hallelukah. I remember one time before morning in New York I went out to the rainy and cold street and someone sitting on the ground begging for money, but singing the words Hallelukah Hallelukah full of joy, as though he was not poor and cold. The performance of the song was the same way. Gilad Efrat, my bassist, drummed on his instrument in addition to his incredible playing. I got home in the evening, and picked up my kids and danced, Kol Haneshama Tehallel Kah. So there you have it: ITs the end of the winter, spring is on the doorstep, Purim and Pesach are practically here already, and I’m releasing this song to the world. Thank you Hashem for giving me this song as a gift.”

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