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Yossi Green ft. Shlomo Simcha “Ten Li Brocho”

August 13, 2017

Composer Yossi Green does not rest for an instant. Lately he has been working hard on his new album, “Shades of Green: Leyl Shishi“, which includes 20 songs of Green’s, performed by the golden voice of Shlomo Simcha, mixed with some vocals by Yossi himself.

Yossi is now releasing the bonus track, a new song titled Ten Li Bracha, as a single.

Yossi recounts, “I first met Shlomo Simcha at my house more than 20 years ago. Besides the fact that I was tremendously impressed by his unique voice, he also simply turned into the inspiration for many of my more well-known compositions.”
Simultaneously Yossiis also releasing a new app called Yossi Green Radio, for FREE download on both the Apple and Android app stores, with the best of his compositions and updates from him.

Likewise, soon a new book will be released to the stores called Manginat Chayai, a biography of the 40 years of Yossi’s composing music, with interesting stories, the biggest events, and some surprising meet-ups, written by journalist Chanani Bleich.

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