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Zevi Weinstock Releases Debut Single: “Shir Shel Shevach” In Memory of His Father

Presenting a exciting new single from newcomer Zevi Weinstock. Not only can Zevi sing, but he composed the song as well. Produced by Doni Gross and Ari Cukier (of Lev Tahor fame) this new song has it all, great harmonies, easy to listen to and hartz.

Zevi certainly is no stranger to the music industry. His father, Shavy Weinstock released a hit “record” back in the 70’s titled “The Kochavim.” The album featured Rivie Schwebel and Bentzi Schachter as lead vocalists. Shavy was beloved by everyone and was one of the most positive people you have ever met. However in 2001 Shavy A”H was suddenly taken from us at the age of 49.

For the last 20 years Zevi has been hard at work on his craft, composing songs, many in honor of his father’s memory.

Now the time has come to release his debut single “Shir Shel Shevach” one of his favorite songs in his father’s memory. With no production experience, Zevi contacted Lev Tahor band member and longtime friend Ari Cukier to assist him with the production and vocals. Ari worked with the talented producer/arranger/composer Doni Gross to create the beautiful song.

Shir Shel Shevach is available for download on iTunes:

Click PLAY below to hear the song

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