New Release: Mitzvah Boulevard Vol. 3 – Shabbos

The wait is finally over. Mitzvah Boulevard DVD Vol. 3 – Shabbos is now available in stores.

Bubby is off to a late start and it’s a race against time to prepare for Shabbos. Will Bubby be ready when her Shabbos guests come to the door? We can’t tell you!  But we can tell you that “Mitzvah Boulevard Vol. 3 – Shabbos will show children all the things that have to be done before Shabbos. A special guest appearance by singer Benny Friedman adds to the excitement and the fun!

“Mitzvah Boulevard Vol. 3 – Shabbos is the third Torah Treasure DVD that Producer Chaim Hershkowitzed is releasing this year. It follows the hits Bella Brocha and Wonders of Hashem. “Even my closest friends weren’t sure whether I could pull off three DVDs in one year. But the support and encouragement of benefactors Dovid and Malkie Smetana helped make the impossible truly possible.”

To pick up Mitzvah Boulevard Vol. 3 – Shabbos or any of the other DVDs in the Torah Treasure family, visit your nearest Jewish bookstore . The DVD is sold Jewish stores or online or

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