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Holy smokes! This album is going to knock your socks off. This is the first album in years that I can say I

enjoyed the first time I listened to it. Normally, it takes me 5 – 7 listens to determine if an album has any

merit, but this one caught my attention with the first sounds of Am Yisrael.

Am Yisrael: I am sure you have watched the concerts that Shwekey has done in Caesaria. He enjoys

singing with the likes of Chaim Yisroel and Ahron Razel and has made an effort to implement their styles

in his song choices. This first track gives that Mi Shemaamin feel and is a rock song that is sure to be

played at weddings for years to come.

Kolot: A beautiful Israeli style song that captures the power of sounds in various forms from tears to

tefillah. Featuring Shlomi Shabat and lyrics by Yoav Gnai, this arrangement of this song captures a lot of


Smeichim: If Lipa can write his own stuff, so can Yaakov! Together with Yitzy Waldner, Yaakov Shwekey

composed this song from Tefillas Shabbos. This would make for a great dinner music jam with the

perfect blend of ballad combined with sefardi style rock in the fills. The Zemiros Choir adds a lot of depth

to this song as well.

Tefillat Kallah: This is a beautiful ballad that is praise to the Kallah about building a bayit neeman. It’s

arrangements are beautiful with Israeli undertones, and is just a beautiful song.

Ach Sameach: Listening to this song will definitely make the one listening happy! This is a hora with a

great message to always be happy! When you listen to the song you can tell that the arrangements are

Israeli influenced (as much of the album is).

Zeh Hakatan: This is a ballad with a lot of emotion. The lyrics were written by Miriam Israeli. The song

takes the listener to the heart of a father with a newborn son. We are given insight into the feelings that

this father is feeling. The song brings very strong emotions. If you are a parent, listen to this song and

think back about when your kids were born. This has a great guitar solo towards the end of the song.

Osim Tshuva: When I first listened to this song, I thought, “Where have I heard this one before”. This

song of Dani Maman was song by Dedi on the Dedi & Yonatan album (and perhaps earlier). This version

is a lively rock version featuring Metalish.

Kamu Baneha: This song starts with a Disney like majestic sound of chimes. This one is another winner

for weddings. This is a beautiful ballad that is sure to be sung during dinner at future weddings.

Et Rikod: This is a fantastic Hora! This has the same type of feel as Amram Adar’s Halailah. I love the way

they took Lakol Zman V’aeit and adapted it to emphasizing how the time of a wedding is the time to

dance. This song has high energy arrangements and is going to be a great wedding tune!

Assara Bnei Adam: When Aaron Razel and Yaakov Shwekey get together, they create something truly

remarkable. Aaron Razel’s songs come from straight the heart. The words of this song come from the

Chofetz Chaim. It is a rock ballad, (not sure what Chofetz Chaim would say about that) and imparts its

message beautifully.

All in all, Yaakov Shwekey has embraced a style. As a sefardi, his fit with the Israeli music suits him and

this is definitely one of his best pieces of work.

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