Step It Up for the Younger Set with Junior Dance Game

Junior for JMR











Having made its way into countless Jewish homes, Step It Up has managed to bring arcade fun to your home computer, pairing the best of Jewish music with exciting dance moves.    Now, just in time for Chanukah and the cold winter months ahead, a new version of everyone’s favorite Jewish music dance game, comes Step It Up Junior, designed for children ages 5 and up.


With 25 child friendly songs from popular artists including Uncle Moishy, Benny Friedman, 8th Day, Maccabeats, Miami Mizrach, Yeshiva Boys Choir, Shalsheles Junior, New York Boys Choir, Kol Noar Boys Choir and Shmuel Kunda z’l, Step It Up Junior features simplified dance steps for the younger set and an easy to read interface, with audio instructions for non-readers.


Available at toy stores, judaica stores, music stores and online at is the answer to your what-should-we-do blues!

Check out Step It Up Jr’s fabulous song list!




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