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Cool New App – Matisyahu’s Happy Chanukah!

by Hislahavus November 30, 2013










Looking for a kid’s Chanukah gift that’s inexpensive, Jewish themed, and a ton of fun? App-maker Mibblio just released Matisyahu’s hit song Happy Chanukah on their Jam Along series! On this cool iPad program, you can deconstruct each layer of the song, and add all sorts of other instrumentation and percussion – perfect for the budding musician in the family! (Honestly, I thought it was pretty cool myself.) Get it on the App store for just $2.99. It comes with a story-book type scrolling screen with all the lyrics and friendly animation. (I only wish there were more yarmulkahs there.) Beautiful artwork, intuitive programming and the fun of that pop song makes this a real winner.

Click here for more details.

Happy Chanukah!


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