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Brand New Single from Moshe Dovid Weissman!

August 13, 2013


Avodas Hashleimus Single Cover 

Moshe Dovid Weissman is back with a brand new single from his upcoming second album. His first album, Avoda Shebalev was released with much critical acclaim. The all new single,  Avodas Hasheleimus was produced and arranged by  Moshe Dovid together with the legendary blues guitarist  Lazer Lloyd. The vocals were sung by  Aryeh Simon with harmonies by  Yerachmiel Ziegler.

In pre-war Europe, in  Yeshivas Ohel Torah in Baranovich, the students of  Rav Elchonon Wasserman ZTZ”L HY”D used to sing a niggun about the hard work a Jew has to do on his way to achieving perfection. Each step along the way is “Avoda” – in both senses of the word – hard work and service to Hashem. The sacrifices that a Jew makes as he strives to perfect himself should be viewed as Korbonos that he is sacrificing to Hashem on the Mizbayach.

Moshe Dovid Weissman’s son found about this old niggun from his Rebbe, who heard the Niggun from an elderly Talmid Chacham who was a student in Baranovich. He asked his father to compose a new melody for the words, and Moshe Dovid complied, creating this beautiful, poignant song.

You can hear the full song below or download it for free at MostlyMusic.com
You can also view some behind the scene video of the recording here:


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