Spotlight on Shloime Gertner’s Hear My Prayer

June 17, 2013 1 min read


So often people forget that if you start with a solid composition, simplicity is the way to go.


Hear My Prayer, a new single by Shloime Gertner, written in honor of the recent wedding of Stage and Johana Presence, is a beautiful piece of music.  Composed by Yitzy Waldner, Hear My Prayer comes with a powerful message about how Hakadosh Baruch Hu is always listening to our tefilos and in good times and in bad, even when davening is the last thing we want to do, Hashem is always waiting to hear from us.


Producer Gershy Moskovitz kept things simple, allowing Gertner’s fabulous vocals carry this moving song, without a lot of bells and whistles.  It just goes to show you that when you start with a solid composition, your song will shine on its own, without the need for shtick and gimmicks.


Hear My Prayer is available from Mostly Music as a 99 cent download and is money well spent.

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