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Yeedle Set To Release All New CD! [Audio+Cover]

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Here it is! The all new Yeedle CD.

The new album includes 12 tracks from the best composers and produced by Yeedle himself. Here are just some of the peopel participating in the project, Mordechai Ben David, Mona Rosenblum, Aaron Razel who sings with a duet, as well as a duet with Yitzchok Fuchs on the song “Aneinu”. Other songs composed by Eli Laufer, Shlomo Kalish, Eliezer Kalish, Pinky Weber and a new discovery in new Jewish music, Baruch Shalom Blsofvsky.

“II spent four years of my life,” reveals Yeedle, “I’m glad we were able to create an album multicolored with almost any style to any listener.” Yeedle also shot a music video which was recorded partially in Israel and partially in America.

Enjoy this new song, M’leim Ziv, off the “A Verdige Yid”.


The CD should be available this week worldwide.

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