Review: Mitzvah Boulevard – Shuey Learns His Brochos


Look for an exciting Chanukah trip for your little ones?


Pack up the kids and head on over to Mitzvah Boulevard, for a fun filled educational expedition, featuring, music, fun and a wealth of knowledge on brachos, aimed at the younger set.  This forty nine minute DVD, titled Shuey Learns His Brachos is the sequel to Eli Learns His Alef Bais, and is a great way to teach the preschoolers and even those in the younger grades all about their brachos.


The theme here is simple:  the kids of Mitzvah Boulevard set out to gather foods for a picnic, in an effort to help Shuey, a purple haired puppet, learn about the various brachos.  Set against this basic backdrop of brachos are some nicely done educational moments.  While the young ‘uns may delight at talking challahs offering their thoughts from the oven, a challah making demo, a segment on how wine and grape juice are made and even a sand art segment on how vegetables grow, will interest older viewers as well.


As they are entertained, the underlying concepts besides which bracha to make on which type of food is spelled out for viewers, as well as each bracha being read out in full to further acquaint even the youngest munchkins with their brachos.


Almost an hour of educational programming, discussing nutrition and brachos, featuring catchy songs that even adults can listen to without cringing?  Definitely a must for any household with small children.  Adding to the fun, Mitzvah Boulevard, which is distributed by Aderet Music, also features over fifteen minutes of bonus videos.  All in all, a great Chanukah gift!

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