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Dovid Gabay Live in South Africa, Article and Pics

Yom Yerushalaim in South Africa with Dovid Gabay

         Jews worldwide celebrated Yom Yerushalaim on May 20th, 2012 as they joined together to commemorate the day Yerushalaim was returned to the Jewish fold in the 1967 War.

            This year The South African Zionist Federation joined forces with Mizrahi South Africa to host a sensational show of musical talent, featuring world renown entertainer Dovid Gabay and South Africa’s own home-grown Choni Goldman (who won this year’s Jewish Star competition).

            Show producers Linda Starkovitz and Gavin Opert ensured that every aspect of the performance ran smoothly with competency and pizzazz.

 Choni Goldman took the stage and opened the show with palpable oomph and an electric stage presence which invigorated the eager audience, opening his musical repertoire with an original piece of reggae/pop Jewish music.  His “mash up” composition which was directed by South African musical legend, Bryan Schimmel.

            The stage then welcomed popular Jewish singer, Dovid Gabay. Gabay performed his original songs as well as some tailor made Yerushalaim-themed medleys specially organized for this momentous evening.  He encouraged the audience to take part in the joy that accompanied the reunification of Yerushalaim.  When asked about his visit to Johannesburg, he was full of praise for the overwhelming generosity that is synonymous with the South African Jewish community.

            “I have travelled far and wide, but this community steals the show with their exemplary show of chesed!”

            Schimmel complimented Gabay’s performance with a generosity of spirit: “Working with Dovid was a thrill. He has warmth, he has heart, and he is a GREAT entertainer.  Choni Goldman is an emerging talent in the South African community and a gifted musician with a unique style.  It really was a wonderful show!”

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