Got Ringtones?


Given how much time we all spend tethered to our phones, we all devote a certain amount of time and energy to customizing our phones so that they are just the way we like them.  My kids have regaled me with an assortment of cell phone ring tones so annoying I can’t imagine anyone would ever want to use them and delight in setting off the ring tone that only teenagers and dogs seem to be able to hear, while adults stand around mystified.  By far the most annoying ring tone I have ever heard was a recording of someone’s brood of high pitched munchkins squealing: “Mommy!!  Pick us up! We are in your pocketbook!  Mommy, pick us up!!”

But for me, I want music for my ringtone, something that really hits the spot for me, works well in that short burst of time and is fun and different.

My first musical ringtone came off of Yaakov Shwekey’s Yedid, a great piano introduction to the song Omar Rabbi Akiva.  When my next phone upgrade rolled around that was replaced by a truly funky introduction from Kol Tzofayich on Yehuda!’s Generations of Song album.   I confess to succumbing to the Chipmunk version of Daniel Powter’s Bad Day, whose chorus made a fun ringtone for a while, but for the last two and half years, my ringtone has been set to Benny Friedman’s Letova, a truly great combo of inspiring lyrics with music that just doesn’t quit.

Got a favorite song set as your ringtone?  Drop us a comment and let us know!

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