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HILLELKAPS – Review of YBC – Amein x4

by HillelKAPS April 29, 2012










YBC – Amein Amein Amein
I’m going to make a disclaimer on this review and point out that unfortunately I did not get the booklet for this album and am not as informed as I would normally like to be before reviewing an album. That being said, let’s get started

1. Amein – The title track of the album, definitely a good candidate for the starting song of the album. I am aware that Eli Gerstner himself did the “drum” sounds for this album. All things considered they aren’t too bad. I see many times when it comes to a capella music that some artists just throw in one “beatbox” type of beat, and then loop it (this is the term for when something is played over and over). Most a capella albums do a “looped” beat and then make the focus of the album to be the vocals and vocal harmony. I’m impressed that Eli went through making the drums change constantly throughout the songs on this album. I’m sure it took him a while but it was definitely worth it

2.Al Naharos – I believe I read in my fellow JMR writer SPLASHNEWS’S article about this album that Eli composed this song with the three weeks in mind. I like the key change at about 4:15 in the song.

3.Es Panecha – This is an old favorite from the “Chevra 2″ Album. I like how Eli does thae backing vocals on this song. He makes sure to spice thing up a bit during this song.

4.V’yazor – “Another bouncy” song. YBC seems to do these kind of songs a lot (not that anyone is complaining, because they pull them off really well)

5.Odcha – Another song originally performed on the “Chevra 2″ Album. I think it was smart of Eli to put some of the older songs on the album since all too often songs from past albums are forgotten. This gives us a chance to hear a song that Eli apparently liked very much in a different style than it was originally presented in .

6.Yismichu – When you listen to the intro of this song the first thought that comes to mind is “another slow song……?” Then the song explodes into one of Eli’s compositions from his “V’ishei Yisrael” Album. This is a very fun song featuring anIisraeli soloist. Definitely something we don’t hear too much of in boys choirs.

7.Ma Ashiv – Another nice soulful slow song. Nothing in this song really jumped out at me. Overall, very nice.

8.Yiram – The start of this song has a great feel to it. A soloist with Eli pulling a very cool background vocal. Eli keeps it up throughout the song.

9.Eishes – According to my colleague SPLASHNEWS’s article, this song was composed by none other than the Choir leader himself : Yossi Newman. Although you may not see much from Yossi Newman himself, he is quite talented. Yossi is a very successful One Man Band as well as the leader of YBC. He also had a spot on Tech-noy. With this song it seems as if he can add “composer” to his list of musical talents.
10.Hayom – Love the reggae feel of the song from the moment it starts. Its also nice to hear words that aren’t in the “overused” category in Jewish Music. That bass voice is great, I wonder if Eli found someone that can sing that low or if he just worked on the voice in the studio to make it sound like that.

11. Ah Ah Ah – When Eli first announced that he was coming out with the YBC Acapella album last year and it didn’t come out there were many people who I believe were disappointed. I do however agree with what he did next. Eli released this song (as I’m sure you all know by now due to its widespread fame) along with a music video. this video is currently over 600,000 views online and still climbing higher (but not so much during Sefira ) . This song came out great in this a capella version as well. It is almost completely similar to the version released with the video. And the album finishes off with a typical YBC ending (one that everyone seems to love) the little kid who’s high (but good) voice ends off the song.

In Summary : If you’re not too stringent about what you listen to during Sefira and you’re more into the a capella music that has instrument simulators on the voices so its not “techincally” music but its the closest thing to music, then this CD is NOT for you. If you are a Eli Gerstner/YBC fan who wants something Kosher to listen to during Sefira, Go for it! For everyone from kids to adults everyone is enjoying this album.



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