Contest From Shaindel Antelis – For Women and Girls Only!

March 06, 2012 1 min read

NEW CONTEST! For Women and Girls Only :)

By reading this contest and watching the video you are confirming that you are female.
Wanna win some great goodies?! Or a coffee date with Shaindel?!All you have to do is send Shaindel’s new music video “The Light” to your friends!
Send the video to 30 female friends to receive your own tube of Shaindel’s favorite lip-gloss that she wears to all of her shows and in her music videos! The gloss is the most perfect light pink from lacolors that looks beautiful on everyone!
Send the video to 75 friends and receive a free disc of Shaindel’s first album “Heart and Soul” which was completely sold out!
Send the video to 125 friends to receive Shaindel’s favorite
lip-gloss AND an autographed disc of “Heart and Soul”!
Send the video to 250 friends and get all of the prizes above plus a
coffee date with Shaindel in New York!
To enter just forward the email or message you sent to your friends to
along with your name and address to receive your prize!
Entries must be in by March 15th to be considered.
*friends must be female.
*while supplies last.Click here to watch the video and let the sharing begin!

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