Recap : SNS at the YU Seforim Sale!

You can get an idea of how the night went but just to give you the rundown

  • The Show started with Baruch Naftel and Hillel Kapnick of One Man Band + Plus ( They played a medley of Motzai Shabbos Songs
  • Shalom Bondar and Hillel Kapnick performed two brand new songs that they are planning on releasing somewhat soon.
  • Yair Shahak then joined Hillel to play “Modim”, a song that Hillel composed and dedicated to his wife whose birthday was that night.
  • Nochi Krohn came on and played some of his amazing compositions including
  1. Ma Rabu
  2. V’nikeisi – Baruch Naftel joined Nochi for this song
  • Yair Shahak then played a few impromptu pieces. What this means is that an audience member at the Seforim Sale gave Yair a scenario such as “Trying to find parking in Washington Heights” or “A baby crying at two in the morning”. Yair then translated these scenarios musically and played them on his violin. It really was an amazing thing to see.
  •  Nochi then came back on and played his well known composition “Tzeischem”
  • Then the Grand Finale!! – Nochi, Yair, Baruch, and Hillel finished off the show with a medley of songs including Nochi’s “Oz Tischazeik” and Hillel’s “Hinei Kel”.
This whole show was orchestrated by Yoni Korbman , the host of SNS.


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