The Top 5 in Jewish Music by SPLASHNEWS

Top 5 In Jewish Music

[EDITORS NOTE: Please remember this is not meant to be taken factual, it is merely the authors own personal opinion of his top 5 singers in Jewish Music, if you disagree, please do so in the comment section!]

There are many singers out there. Some have been around for years and some have not. Each and every singer has what to offer and each has his unique style. Here is a look at my opinion of the top 5 right now. I’m sure many will disagree with me, so feel free to comment on who you think are the top 5!

(I left out singers with a very particular genre such as Itche Meir Helfgot.)

1-Avraham Fried– Fried has a voice like none other and has dominated the music scene for years. He is still at the top of the mountain and is not looking to come down any time soon. The world is awaiting his upcoming new album. He has spent the year on a world tour together with…

2-Lipa Schmeltzer– Lipa is the new King of Jewish Music. He has impacted and changed the world of music single-handedly. His influence on almost every other singer is incredible. He has also opened it up for many chassidishe singers. Without him, where would Gertner and Weber be right now? He is also the #1 performer in the world and completely owns the stage. – BTW, respect to MBD but you can’t really call him the current King if he is retired.

3-Ohad Moskowitz– Ohad has shown that he can sing alongside anyone and will firmly hold his ground. His range puts him in a  different league than everyone else. He is also impacting music by being very involved with younger artists such as Itzik Dadia and Yonatan Shainfeld.

4-Shloime Gertner– Has a little bit of a different style and has shown that he is comfortable with just about any type of song; slow, fast,
techno, etc. Also paired up often with Lipa. Bottom line, there are many new albums that you will say “Oh, look he put out a new one” and then you will walk on. You will not pass up a new Gertner album.

5-Yaakov Shwekey– This choice was a hard one because a few years ago Shwekey was worth a lot more than 5 but has lost many fans after a 5th album that lacked something new and exciting (people expected more from from someone of his caliber), followed by the album, “Libi”, which I thought was a great album but apparently not everyone else did. Maybe because it was all Sefardi. I would’t say he is past his prime as his voice is only getting better so let’s see what his upcoming album, “Cry No More”, will sound like. Oh, and he is the undisputed #1 singer in Eretz Yisroel. Hmm..

-6-? Shloime Daskal is tough because he is obviously sitting with the big guys as his voice and last album “Poseach Es Yodecha”, puts him in another class, but we haven’t heard from him in a couple years.

Thanx for reading! Let me know what you say and stay tuned for the next article – “The Up & Coming”!

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