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Holy 8 Track Double Album Batman, you guys are awesome. I feel like a RockStar. You took my “Ultimate Concert” challenge and ran with it. Don’t think we aren’t going to discuss this at a very near date. I’m still in love with that Halftime Drum Match idea. With renewed self confidence I’m back for another post. Something I’ve noticed and wanted to comment on for a while. Let’s begin ….

It’s official! Jewish Music is in the midst of a new golden era, the golden era of Music Videos. Sure, if I ask you what started this new era some of you may say Macabeats Chanukah video (the first one), some of you may point to 8th Day’s Yalili.

Then in recent months Dovid Gabay released his Ana Avdah video, from Sheya Mendlowitz’s Alter Heim. Eli Gerstner’s YBC had two very well received videos in Ah Ah Ah! and Those Were the Nights of Chanukah. Of Course Six 13 has released a nice pair of videos, as well as Macabeats Purim and this years Chanukah video covering Matisyahu’s Miracle. Lets not forget Yochi Briskman’s newest star, ADAR, who released the catchy, Halaila video.

Trust me, it’s not gonna end there. Word has it that Mendy Pellin just got back from Israel after directing a Yaakov Shwekey video from Yaakov’s upcoming all new CD. I’m also hearing some other big names are hard at work on cutting edge music videos.

So, all that to say, music videos are not only here to stay, but they are becoming the candy covered center of the music world.

But are we paying respect to the music videos that came before it? Sure they weren’t all shot on the most current high def standards, and they didn’t have all night video shoots in Pomogrante. But they were ambitious for their times and many could say they were the fore bearers of the current trend. The Apple iPod 1 to the new Apple iPhone 4S. The heavy large brick cellular telephones to todays slim and light smart phones.

Let’s pay tribute to a few of these here, and if we missed a couple, go ahead and include your early favorites below in the comment section. Which one of these is your favorite?

Lipa’s Gelt and Abi  M’lebt


Michoel Pruzansky’s tasseh


Shea Rubenstein’s Windows in Heaven


Berry Weber’s Beilokim

So – what am I missing??

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