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Asked and Answered: Sarah Dukes Edition

by Jewish Music Reporter January 03, 2012

One of our readers had a great question for Sarah, so we decided to ask her and let her answer it herself. Here is the question, followed by the answer.

Beautiful music indeed – I may well purchase a copy… but please enlighten me…I don’t get it – if she’s a trained pianist, and composes and plays her own music, why does she need someone else to play it for her on a CD? it’s not kol isha…”Shoshana Sara” (also a pianist, among other things) plays her own (piano) music on her CD’s…men listening to a piano played by a woman (with no photo, not live) can’t be worse than the intimate bond clearly forged between Dukes and Gershavsky – and she could use a fake name too, a male one if she felt so compelled…what am i missing here???

Dear Reader,

Dear Lisa,
Thank you so much for your interest in my music. I am so glad to hear that you enjoy it! Your question is a good one, and you are absolutely right- there would be nothing inappropriate for me to perform the songs myself. The truth is, I actually compose songs that are too difficult for me to play, despite my background in classical piano lessons. I do perform at times, but I know in my mind I am not doing them justice. I took the time to find a pianist that would be able to play my songs the exact same way I would play them if I had the skills to do so, and I feel honored to have found Yaron Gershovsky. So at this stage, I would consider myself more of a composer than a pianist. I hope this clarifies things for you!
Thank you again for taking the time to listen to the music, and for your inquiry!
Wishing you a wonderful week! – Sarah
Jewish Music Reporter
Jewish Music Reporter

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