Review: Beri Weber – Thank You Hashem

December 08, 2011 3 min read

Beri Weber – Thank You Hashem

Naftali Schnitzler does it again! The new Beri Weber album, “Thank You Hashem” is out in stores, and is worthwhile as a Chanukah gift for a friend or for you!


Vani Bechasdecha – The song provides a solid start to this album. The words, Vaani Bechasdecha Batachti Yagel Libi B’Shuasecha, are the only words in the song. There are some very unique arrangements in this track. The song is energetic, with a simple and profound meaning. Its simplicity creates its profundity.


Thank You Hashem – This is the title track, which has a display of Yiddish, English, Hebrew and a variety of other languages. Would you believe Lipa Schmeltzer composed and wrote the lyrics? The message: Thank You Hashem! This has a rock theme with some unique arrangements which keeps it entertaining throughout. At almost 3 minutes in the track, the music slows and he adds a classic Carlebach ‘Return Again’ theme to give the album a whole other element which enhances the song – nice touch. It is clear that Beri and company had fun with this track. Thank You Beri!


Zechor – This is a slow song which asks Hashem to remember the love of Yerushalayim and Eretz Yisroel. The song has a classic new age slow sound to it, but the greatness of the album is that, once again, Beri keeps the song to few words which makes it easy to learn.


Chabadsker Nigun – This song begins by fading in an acapella choir singing and clapping in a classic klezmer style. The song then quickly turns into a cool techno-hora. The music in this track is excellent and energetic.  This songs take a long time classic and raises the bar.


L’Chu Neranena – Just imagine Beri out in the field singing by himself and while he is singing, he happens upon a band that happened to be waiting for him a few feet away.  This song begins with birds chirping and Beri singing alone, and then breaks into a reggae style feel. I doubt this song will actually be used to welcome the Shabbos Malka, but this is a great song! Shkoyach!


Acheinu (or Achaini) – This music for this track sounds Disney-like with chimes and piano. This is another solid slow song for Acheinu Kol Bais Yisroel. Beautiful.


Inenu – Composed by Lipa Schmeltzer. This song is fun fun fun! This song will be part of the regular wedding repertoire immediately. Are you ready for this one?!


Esa Einai – This one is a heartzig slow tune.


Sheyibone – This song starts out with a choral arrangement the traditional chazzanishe shtickel for Sheyibone Bais Hamikdash. That introduction is followed by an upbeat version of the same words using a mix of sefardishe and pop styles. As is thematic from the entire album there seems to be an element of entertainment in many of these tracks that keeps it interesting. There is nothing like a chassidishe singer using a Sefardi accent!


Haneshama – This song is both Hebrew and English and has a secular slow rock sound to it. This is a very profound song and a unique track to this album.

Tate – This song, seemingly a sister song to Lipa’s Heib Oif Dana Hentelech is catchy and brings an energy to make you not want to turn the album off. It includes some very creative choral arrangements as well.


I highly recommend this album. Please purchase it for friends and family! Thank You Hashem!

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