Nochi Krohn Band 2 “Banai” Full Review!

October 25, 2011 4 min read

Disclaimer : I’m sorry that the CD has been out for a little while and only now am I writing up this review. Turns out I got swept in the Yom Tov rush like many others and I was only able to finish it now.

From the moment I started listening to the newest Nochi Krohn album, I haven’t been able to stop. Since Nochi’s last album “Ananim”, he definitely stepped it up a notch. This album in particular moved more towards mainstream Jewish music while still keeping everything fresh and original. Although I could go on for a long time about how great I think this album is, I will do everyone a favor and try to keep it short as I run through each track and attempt to sum up this album.

1.Ein Kadosh Kashem – A funky techno beat starts off this album switching to a hora and then back to a disco/techno beat. As far as the composition: many artists sings songs nowadays that are tailor made to them (which is great) but it can be much harder for the typical person to sing these songs themselves. Nochi’s songs have a tendency to be easily singable and not too hard to pick up. This was the first song off the album that I found getting constantly stuck in my head.  The song is very jumpy yet still on the softer side making it a perfect album opener.

2.Esa Einay – Many people feel that this is for sure one of the best if not THE best song on the album. The song starts off with a guitar/mandolin/saxophone serenade. A beat settles in, almost country-ish but soft, then moves on to without a doubt one of the best melodies I’ve heard. This is one of those songs where you can really “feel” the song. The band put a lot of heart and soul into this one (as well as really great mandolin riffs through the song)

3.Yoshaiv – This song overall is very nice. Harmonies play a big part in the chorus in this song but harmonies is one of those things that Nochi and his brothers do quite well. Honestly other than that there isn’t anything specific I have to add about this song in particular

4.Oz Tischazeik – Although I don’t complain about songs I have a very large complaint regarding this song. IT’S WAY TOO SHORT! This must be one of the best nigun-songs that has come out in a long time and this song was stuck in my head for a very long time after I heard it only once. (I think it still might be). Great arrangements as well as melody, love the mandolin and definitely one of my favorite songs off of the album

5.Banai – For the cover song Nochi brought in the very well known Yosef Karduner.  A very well played song. I love the way that the chorus comes crashing in (in a good way).

6.Deah Es Hashem – The song starts off with an awesome rock intro, and flows into the groove of the song. A great mix of both softer and heavier beats. Nochi did an amazing job on the vocals.

7.Berosh Hashono – There are unfortunately many songs in the Jewish Music world where the words don’t quite match the music they are being sung to. This song is a lesson on how a song can be perfect for the words. This song is slow (without being too slow) and really has the flavor of Rosh Hashanna and Yom Kippur injected into it.

8.Rabos Machshavos –  This song was composed after Nochi went through in his mind what his Rebbi, Rabbi Geisler had taught him about these words. He even shares this understanding of these words with his fans at 3 minutes and 30 seconds into the song. It’s a real talent to throw a D’var Torah into a song still have the song flow so well. The D’var Torah is given through a great musical riff in the background.

9.Tzadik Katamar – Although I don’t think theres anything I specifically liked it still a great solid song. I don’t honestly think theres anything that Nochi has put out that I can say I didnt like.

10.Tzaischem – After releasing a softer version of this song on the album “U’Shmuel Bekorei Shemo”, the band stepped it up a notch by starting with a very synth-y arrangement. I personally love hearing that wild drumroll right before the song starts. This song (like many others on the album) is very catchy and is definitely a favorite at kumzitses (from my own personal experience playing them).  The first time I had ever heard this song was actually on the Sameach Music Podcast when it was still around and the song since then has improved greatly in all aspects.

To sum up :  I definitely recommend buying this album. It’s not easy to find a CD that has so many amazing songs, and Nochi being a musician, a producer, and a singer has a tripleheader in this case.


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