Recap: Moshe Hecht CD Pre-Release Party

September 20, 2011 2 min read would like to welcome  HillelKAPS, the newest member of the JMR team.  We look forward to HillelKAPS sharing his many insights on Jewish music with our readers.

This past week, September 15,I had the privilege of attending the ‘Moshe Hecht Album Release Party’ in the amazing Soho Synagogue, probably the only Synagogue where the paintings on the walls really come down and fold into chairs (you have to be there to see it) and the setting is very peaceful and relaxing. The event started at about 7:45 with an interesting array of people all coming to hear Moshe Hecht and maybe even to get a chance to schmooze with him before the show. I did get the chance to speak with him for a bit before the show began and I asked him what his goal is with his music. He thought over my question for a few moments and then responded,

“Everyone has a goal, a dream, a destination, but they need that push! That’s what I’m trying to do with my music”
For the rest of the night that is exactly what Moshe proceeded to do. Singing songs from his newly released album entitled “Heart is Alive”, Moshe went through a number of songs such as his Hit Single “Believers” and “When I’m In Need” which was dedicated to a man that Moshe met as he was going through Israel. He identified this man as “Baruch from Jerusalem” and told the audience how this man had helped him though his time there. The crowd responded very enthusiastically to Moshe’s music and I have no doubt that many people are now “Believer’s” in Moshe’s singing, guitar playing, and songwriting skills. He not only performed amazingly on stage, he also joined the audience a number of times to dance with them.
Those in attendance included guest appearances by other Jewish music stars such as Aryeh Kunstler and Benny Friedman. Towards the end of the show  the Associate Rabbi of the Soho Synagogue, Rabbi Mendel Jacobson, joined Moshe on stage to perform with him some very lyrical poetry that he had written which they incorporated with Moshe’s singing.
Moshe’s Hit Single “Believers” can be downloaded for free at for those looking to hear a sample of one of his songs. After you find yourself hooked to his music from that single, you can look for his Album which will be in stores October 18th. I can tell you from listening to the album which was given out to everyone by the album release party, that it really is an amazing and inspiring album.

Last Thursday, a packed house of select guests from media outlets, musicians, artists, family and friends—and a few dedicated fans—gathered at the new Soho Synagogue to celebrate an exclusive pre-release of Moshe Hecht’s debut album Heart Is Alive.

Moshe performed an hour and half set to a lively crowd and autographed an unofficial distribution for excited attendees. To fans eagerly awaiting, Heart Is Alive (distributed by Aderet Music) will be hitting stores on October 18th (Chol Hamoed Sukkos). Get a sneak peak at the new album with Hecht’s hit single “Believers,” now available as a free download at www.MosheHecht.coms

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