Ultimate Playlists: Part I – Get Moving!!

July 04, 2011 1 min read

Ahhh, summer.  A time for tennis, swimming, or  a serious power walk.  After a miserable winter doesn’t it feel great to be able to enjoy the great outdoors?  And what could be better than enjoying the great outdoors with your favorite music?

As always, I am hunting for the ultimate up-tempo playlist to accompany me on my morning hikes.  I put together a fairly decent one last year, but it could use some freshening up.  Given that I live in the suburbs where level land is a rarity, I need to vary the tempo of my songs to match the terrain.  Upbeat stuff for the flat part of my walk, songs with a slightly slower beat for those sadistic hills that are part and parcel of living in the boonies and energetic stuff that I really love to give me that extra push when it feels like my lungs are about to burst and I think I can’t take even one more step.

Currently on my exercise playlist?  AKA Pella’s Greatest Medley Ever and Hentelach, Kol Noar’s Baruch Hashem, Miami’s Yovo and NYBC’s  Al Hasulam, among others.  But having deleted four or five songs from my old playlist I am scouring my iTunes looking for fun new stuff  and some energetic classics to add in.

Got any suggestions for me?  If you were putting together the ultimate playlist to  keep you motivated while you are burning up the calories, what songs would you include?  Leave us a comment and let us know!


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