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Aaron Holder Written Up in Miami Herald

by Jewish Music Reporter June 20, 2011

Aaron Holder, one of the top finalists in COLLIVE’s, A Jewish Star contest is at it again. He is running in a facebook contest for Jewish singers. He’s been doing pretty well, and the Miami Herald, a major newspaper in South Florida has written an article covering it.

Miami Beach resident competes in singing contest for a chance to go to Israel

Miami Beach resident Aaron Holder is one of the 30 finalist in the Jewish singing contest “Hallelukah” which is hosted on Facebook.

Thousands of music videos were submitted and the 30 selected finalists will win a three week tour of Israel, with music instructions from famous and successful Israeli singers.

Aaron Holder is a 22 year old living in Miami Beach, he is in the middle of finishing his Bachelors Degree in Music and Massage Therapy.

Although he continues to work on his passion for music, Aaron started a photography and videography studio (W4M) with his producer Ovadia tank.

Aaron is constantly active in the orthodox community, volunteering and promoting events for young Jewish professionals.

Aaron said that his first inspiration to sing came when he was 15, his high school created an after school program for music. Cantor Shifman (the director of the music program) heard Aaron’s voice and tutored him to sing for a concert with world renowned Cantors.

Aaron talks about the importance for him to win the Hallelukah contest, “I want to win this contest so that I can get the training and experience of rehearsing with top musicians in Israel that the Hallelukah project is awarding. Most of all, Just being in Israel again is worth it all. I miss it a lot.”

“If I win, my main goal is to continue writing and singing music that inspires me and others. The world needs inspiration and I hope to be a part of it.”

You can follow Aaron’s success and journeys by becoming a fan on  his Facebook fan page and following him on his  youtube channel.

See Aaron Holder’s Hallelujah voting page,  Click Here to vote.

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Jewish Music Reporter

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