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8th Day Rocks Orlando

April 22, 2011 1 min read

The concert began with some of Dr. Laz’s greatest hits and a slideshow of Chabad of South Orlando’s work in the community. 8th Day was then welcomed on stage by MC Dr. Laz singing some of their best hits including ‘It’s Shabbos Now’ ‘Rain’ as well as some popular Jewish songs including ‘Asher Boro’ from Piamenta and ‘Dollar Bill’ in tribute to the late Moshe Yess. It was then that a short intermission took place to feature the Unity Music Video for Sholom Rubashkin. Following the video MC Dr. Laz encouraged everyone to do a mitzvah in his merit mentioning that we are in Chodesh Hageulah and may he have a true yeshua. Dr. Laz made a shout out and a big Yasher Koach to Sholom Rubashkins lead attorney Mr. Nathan Lewin who was in attendance. The concert concluded with the Marcus Brother’s smash hit Yalili which had the crowd rocking.

Taaseh Li Tovah

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