JMR Exclusive: First Of It’s Kind All Women’s A Cappela CD.

April 17, 2011 1 min read

A brand new CD is being released for Sefirah. This CD is the first all womens a cappela album, produced and sung by women. The CD is titled “Lift up your Voice“. It features a mix of old and new songs with beautiful arrangements and harmonies. The album includes a group of female vocalists, two of them are Ilana Farbstein and the other is Chava Rosenbaum.

Best of all, all proceeds will be going to Tzedaka! The CD was made to raise Tzedaka for Bonei Olam and Neve yerushalayim’s Hachnosas Kallah Fund. It’s an inspiring  a cappela collection by women, for women! The album contains 12 tracks and will be available through Aderet Music and be available on Stay tuned for more.

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