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YBC A Capella: A Quick Interview with Eli Gerstner

In light of the exciting announcement today on Facebook, JMR caught up with Eli Gerstner today for a few minutes to find out more information about his upcoming YBC a capella album, due out in time for Pesach and Sefira.
JMR: How many  songs will be featured on the new album?

Eli Gerstner: 10

JMR: How many of those songs are brand new and how many are songs that have been used by other EG artists?

EG: 3 brand new songs, a few that most people would recognize and a few that no YBC fan would have heard before!

JMR: Will the new album feature the whole choir or a smaller group of boys?

EG: Yes (& how!!)

JMR: How long has this album been in the works?

EG: Whenever I have had a free moment I worked on it for the past 8 years! But the main recording was done this past few months.

JMR wishes Eli Gerstner and YBC lots of hatzlacha on this exciting new album.  Can’t wait to hear it!!


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