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Fried and Daskal Film Japan Song at Razag

March 09, 2011

Photos by Levi Israeli for COLlive

Avraham FriedShloime Daskaland guitarist  Moshe Orensteinwere choreographed at the Razag hall in Crown Heights for the “Japan Song.”

The “Japan Song,” sung by Jewish music superstar  Avraham Friedand singer  Shloime Daskal, is a remake of  Yaakov Shwekey’s“Tatte” and  Abie Rotenberg’s“In A Vinkele.”

Chile-born independent filmmaker  Mauricio Arenasis directing the video together with  Danny Finkelmanand  Ilya Lishinsky. The three also collaborated on the Unity song for  Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin. Since April 2008, Israeli bochurim  Yoel Zev Goldsteinand  Yaakov Yosef Greenwaldhave been incarcerated in a Japanese prison after drugs were found in suitcases that they were carrying for someone else. Musician  Moshe Orensteinwas also present at the video shoot.

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