It’s Official! “Lipa 24/6” Is Almost Done!

February 14, 2011 1 min read

JMR just got the inside scoop from Lipa Schmeltzer himself! We had an extensive phone conversation and we can now officially announce that Lipa’s all new wedding CD will be titled, Lipa 24/6. The CD was produced by Naftali Moshe Schnitzler and will feature and adult choir by Dudi Kalish who also did the choir on Lipa’s now classic, Keinainahora CD.

Lipa told us this CD will have all the hottest recent hits in Jewish Music. He promised many exciting guests, like wedding star, Amiran D’vir. The CD will also include, fresh off his HASC debut, violinist, Daniel Ahuviel. THe CD will have so much energy and will of course be jam packed with all your favorite songs. You can expect many different styles including a techno production by Naftali Schnitzler.

Lipa told us they are almost finished mixing, then they need to master and send to duplication. He promised us the CD should be done in about 2 weeks. We hope to have a cover and audio sampler in the next week. Be sure to check JMR for updates on this new CD.

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