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Happy Birthday JMR!!

by Kol Isha January 23, 2011

The Jewish Music Report has worked hard to bring you two years of quality Jewish music news. We’ve got the best writers on staff, covering all angles of the world of Jewish music. We’re the only online Jewish music site that features news, videos, scoops, previews, samplers, photo galleries, reviews and interviews! The Jewish Music Report began in January 2009 and as we enter our 3rd year, we asure you – we are only getting started.

This year we plan on exanding our base of writers and reporters throughout the globe. We will work hard to bring you the latest information about your favorites artists. but of course none of this is possible without you, our loyal readers! Thank you for coming and checking our site, thank you for commenting, and thanks for helping us grow!

The following are best wishes from many of the top names in Jewish Music, presented here in alphabetical order.

Avi Newmark: Hello JMR , I wanna wish you and all the amazing writers, photographers, and graphics artist that make you Jewish music’s number 1 source of Jewish music information a very happy birthday. May this next year be even bigger better and more informative.  B’racha V’ehatzlacha

Avraham Solomon:A very happy birthday!!

Benny Friedman: Happy birthday JMR. Thanks for doing what you do, bringing us all the great news from around the Jewish Music world. L’chaim to another year of all this happiness. And like Zale Newman used to say, “Ladies and Gentlemen, you aint seen nothing yet!”

Chanale Felig Harel: Happy Birthday and Mazal Tov on your 3rd year. Your support to the  music community is absolutely appreciated and completely invaluable to those of us making Jewish music these days!  I am working on my 5th album, unnamed as of yet. There are 11 English songs, all in rock, pop and country styles. The album is being professionally produced and is lightyears ahead, music and content, of my previous 4 albums. We didn’t stray too far from the elements that made the other albums so successful so expect great lyrics, rich harmonies and songs that inspire and touch your soul. The first single will be “Taking Over My Heart” and will be available on youtube as a music video. The album should be out by Purim, Pesach the latest.

Chaya Bruria Sachs/Shira Girls Choir: The Shira Girls Choir wishes you a very happy 2nd birthday JMR! Mazel Tov and many more years of Jewish music reporting ad meah v’esrim!

Dovid Gabay: It really has been an unbelievable 2 years of jewish music coverage you have provided us with. May you continue to grow and be matzliach in all that you do, and continue to spread jewish music worldwide!  From the “Gabay” to the JMR kehilah:  Mi Sheberach Avosainu, Hu yevarech Eschem!  Mazel Tov JMR!!

Eli Gerstner:Happy birthday! Iy”H many, many more!

Elimelech Blumstein: JMR is the “in site” for jewish music! JMR is the TMZ w/o the gossip!  But Seriously…. Thank you to the entire staff of JMR for keeping us up to date on all that’s happening in the music world, I remember the only way u knew an album was out was when U heard it in camp, now we know not only what’s out but get months of updates in anticipation!! HATZLACHA and keep pushing good music!!

Heshy Rubin (Mizumen): Mazel n bruchu and tons of hatzlochu!

Mike Boxer/Six 13: People tell us it’s amazing that we make the music we do with nothing but our voices. Well, if we’re giving credit for making a lot out of a little, we think that’s nothing compared to the Jewish Music Report. How do they maintain the ultimate resource and news central for anything and everything Jewish music, with just a handful of dedicated writers and only 24 hours in the day? Much like Six13, the world may never figure out how they do it.  Mazel tov on your anniversary, JMR. Many, many more!  Keep an eye out for our fourth album this sefirah – you can bet JMR will have the inside scoop before anyone else!

Lenny Solomon (Shlock Rock): To All My Friends at the Jewish Music Report Mazal Tov to everyone on the Anniversary!  The service that you provide is so important to Jewish Musicians – Keep on Reporting!

Lipa Schmeltzer: Music is the only language, that we can communicate with the entire world .  It’s the language that is spoken the same way , in the whole world, heart, and emotions. Now, it’s one thing to make it, sing it, compose it, Write it, listen to it, understand it. But you take it to a new  level , by  communicating  with the entire world and introduce to them, Jewish music, Jewish art, our true feelings  from the  depths of our hearts  and our way of life, of giving and sharing happiness with others. And this is what you do best! So being Lipa, I ask you. Keep strong,it’s the people like you who keep us rocking! Truly yours, from the depth of the sea, on a cruise in the waters of Mexico,  LIPA!!!

Shaindel Antelis: Happy Birthday! This is the greatest website! I Love seeing all of the jewish music news and hearing quality music right when it comes out. I really appreciate you posting such nice things about my new album “Change”! May we all work together and change the Jewish world of music to keep getting better and better :)

Sheya Mendlowitz:I wish you BIG HATZLACHA & continued success & keep spreading the beautiful message of jewish music till moshiach comes  & then ersht …

Shloime Dachs:Happy SECOND Birthday to Jewish Music’s biggest & most informative site! Looking forward to an exciting year THREE!

Shloime Taussig:I would like to wish a mazel tov to the whole JMR staff for providing us with such a phenomenal site, with the greatest first hand music info and updates out there, and in the same time I would like to thank JMR for all the support they gave and are giving.  We look forwardd for many successful years iy”h.  Lots of hatzlachah, from the bottom of my heart.

Shua Kessin: Highest second anniversary to u guys.  I remember the start of your site and I was taken aback by the professionally looking and written news, articles  and so on.  I appreciate all the messages you spread so well and I wish you all alot of continuos years of great success and big hits.  Being a site about music is not always easy to keep clean of things that can sneak in,but you guys do a great job keeping it kosher…Keep it strong and a big thank you to all of you (you know who you are).  Nikudas Tovas.

Srully Williger:HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY to the “jewish music report” –you are amazingly raising the “bar” to what jewish music’s, fair and  honest reporting should be…hatzlacha mirubah..may we all together march and write and sing towards moshiach tzidkainu…very soon!!

Yaakov Shwekey:All the best and happy birthday!

Yisroel Werdyger: Happy birthday JMR, best wishes for a great year, and thanks for helping promote Yiddishe music!

Kol Isha
Kol Isha

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