Andy Statman – Live and Incredible

We’ve posted a few articles mentioning the incomparable Andy Statman, but if you have not yet made your musical acquaintance with this world class artist, here’s a great chance to do so. An entire concert has been posted on Youtube, from Statman’s appearance with his trio as a benefit for Chabad at University of Washington. Statman, who plays clarinet and mandolin, presented bluegrass, jazz, folk and klezmer with such virtuosity that it caused the director of the Seattle Mandolin Orchestra to post this comment on “I will probably need to swing back by the venue tomorrow, because I think I left my jaw on the floor there!”

Here are three clips from the concert:

Here is Statman playing one of his own tunes, called Seventeen, with his fingers flying – as one spectator noted, “Like a hummingbird!”

A Lubavitcher nigun, known as Nigun L’Shabbos V’Yom Tov:

And a beautiful tune called Uman:

Both Uman and Seventeen are on Statman’s album, “East Flatbush Blues”. Nigun Shabbos Vyom Tov is recorded on his album of Chabad Nigunim, “Wisdom, Understanding and Knowledge”. For more information on Andy Statman, visit

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