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NJ Chabad Shliach Writes New Song

by Jewish Music Reporter November 16, 2010

New Jersey Shliach Avi Richler composed a song called “Tomorrow” in memory of the Mumbai Kedoshim and “in honor of the Shluchim and their daily struggle.”

Rabbi Avi Richler, a Shliach in Mullica Hill, NJ, composed a new song called “Tomorrow” in memory of the Mumbai Kedoshim – the Jews murdered in the Chabad House in Mumbai on 26/11.

“This song was written in memory of the Kedoshim, and in honor of the Shluchim and their daily struggle,” Richler said. “The message is about channeling our sadness and frustration into positive and productive actions,” he added.

The song was recorded at 9 South Productions Studio and engineered and mixed by  Jim Cheadle.

Tomorrow | Upload Music

Lyrics and Chords:

A Lonely road
Long way from home
They give their lives
For a dream so bold
Filled with hope
For a better tomorrow

Families pray
they’re all afraid
When lives are lost
there’s too much hate
Can this darkness ever turn to day

So we must try another way
‘Cause every tear’s another day
Can’t just sit around
Waiting for tomorrow

And soon the darkness
‘ell turn to light
And all those stars light up the night
Close my eyes
Let’s make it happen today

A million songs
A million smiles
A candles light
Goes on for miles
You and I
Can change the world for good

And act of love
A selfless deed
A chain reaction
A wave of peace
Shed the past
Embrace a bright new day
the orphaned child
gazes on
Adopted by
a world so strong
symbol of hope
For a better tomorrow

So Many faces
many names
searching for answers
not in vain
Voices merging
In a cry so strong

For when a world is full of fright
The good within it must unite
Hope emerging
from this terrifying dream
so don’t give up
It’s almost done
It’s up to you
To carry on
And soon we’ll all
Embrace a bright new day
A Lonely road
Long way from home
They give their lives
For a dream so bold
Yet from this darkness there emerges hope

(Via Col)

Jewish Music Reporter
Jewish Music Reporter

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