All New From Sameach Music!

With Chanukah just a few short weeks away, Sameach Music has been busier than ever with some exciting new releases on tap for your gift giving pleasure!

Already released  is Rebbi Hill’s Daniel, Part 1, with YBC 5, a new Chanukah CD from Rabbi Juravel and  The Raviner Miracle, Part 2 all expected in stores in time for Chanukah.

Also available from Sameach music are some exciting Rabbi Juravel classics, now available on CD, including Midos Tyme – Stories of Kibbud Av Va’aim, Storytyme – Chanuka, Storytyme – Stories of Kiddush Hashem, Storytyme – Stories of Simcha, Storytyme- Stories of Shalom, Storytyme – Stories of Ahavas Hatorah – Volume 1 and Storytyme – Stories of Ahavas Hatorah – Volume – 2.

Stay tuned for more exciting news from Sameach Music!

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