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Sefira Acapella List + Free Downloads!


For all you die-hard music lovers, I personally understand the frustration that must be going through your head during this time of year. S’fira is here, leaving you nothing to hear! Now you run to the store or search google for the latest Acapella albums, which are the only things that can put your ears to rest. But here’s the problem, you don’t know the names of which albums are available. Sure, you may have heard of some titles by word of mouth in shul, at work, or wherever, but the fact is, you need a cold, hard, list, giving you the titles at the click of button. Good news! Here’s that list! Enjoy =)

Tefillin by Six13
V’hee Sheomda by Meydad Tasa
Little David by Gershon Veroba
Oleinu by ABD
Nishmas by Shua Kessin
Aheim by Beri Weber
Sunshine in the Rain by Shloime Kaufman and A.K.A. Pella
Ribono by Ari Goldwag
Ad Ana Bechiya by Ari Goldwag

V’alu by Kol Ish
Ha’azinu by Kol Ish
Siman Tov by Avi Piamenta
Umacha by A.K.A. Pella
Vezakeni by Yehoshua Fried
Moshiach by Kumt Shoin
Menorah by Meydad Tasa

Note: If you see albums missing from this list (which I’m sure there are), then please send me an email at I’ll be sure to update the list a.s.a.p.

(A.K.A. Pella)
Volume 2
Premium Blend
Platinum (NEW!!)

(All Star)
The Vocal Version

(Avraham Fried)
My Father’s Zemiros

(Avrumi Flam)
Songs of the Three Weeks

Volume 1
Soul Food/Ochel Nefesh
West Side Zemirot

(Beri Weber)
Farbreng (NEW!!)

(Chazak Productions)
Chazak Limei Sefira
Shabbos Tisch In Sefirah

(Dudi Kalish/Eli Gerstner)
A Chassidishe Acappella

Chadesh Yomeinu

(Itzy Kleinfeld & Tzvi Silberstein)
Acapella Kumzits

Raninu Tzadikim

(Kol Ish)
Before Eve

(Kol Zimra)
Volume 2/Songs of Abie Rotenberg
Kulanu B’yachad

She’hashalom Sheloi
Chasidishe Oitzros
Chasidishe Oitzros 2
Chasidishe Oitzros 3
Chasidishe Oitzros 4

Shabbos’dige Oitzros

Heimisha Oitzros (NEW!!)

(Lev Tahor)
Volume 1
Volume 3

Chabad Hisvadus

(The Maccabeats – Yeshiva University Acapella)
From the Heights (NEW!!!)

(Mendy Werdyger – Yisroel Werdyger)
Sefira Beshira – Guest Artist Aharon Halevi

(Meshorerim Choir)
Volume 2

(Miami Boys Choir)
Around the Campfire

(Mona Rosenblum)
Philharmona Vocal

(Nochum Stark)
A Sefirah Kumzitz

(Shira Choir)
Live! Volume 1

Yesh Chadash
Volume 1

(Suki & Ding)
Songs of Yerushlayim

(The Chevra)
Chevra Acappella

A Cappella Shabbos
Moshiach Kumt Shoin

(Yehudah Solomon)
Beyond Words 2
Beyond Words 3

(Yochi Briskman)
The Sfira Album

(Yosef Karduner)
Acapella Version Karduner

(Yossi Goldstein)
Fabrengen Acapella

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