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Oorah Shmorg 2 CD Previews!

by Jewish Music Reporter February 12, 2010



We’d like to thank Oorah for sending us these preview clips from the upcoming Oorah Shmorg 2 CD. The CD offers many great artists including Avraham Fried, Lipa Schmeltzer, Beri Weber, Meydad Tasa, 8th Day, Yehuda Green, Yehuda!, Lev Tahor, Eli Beer and Oorah Audition Winner: Eli Levin. Enjoy these samples below and don’t forget to take part in their wonderful Auction.

Eli Beer: Yachad
Composed by: Eli Beer Technical Assistance: JJ Fried Engineered by: Shloimy Bluth Recorded at: Bluetone Studios, Brooklyn NY
Photo by: Great Snap by Ruchy Guitar and Vocals: Eli Beer Keyboards: Tzvi Rada Bass: Binyomin Kahan Drums and Percussion: Utsi Zimring

Avraham Fried: Kinor Shel Dovid
Composed By: Eli Laufer | Arranged By: Moshe Laufer | Mixing: Ian Freitor | The Playground Recording Studios; NYC, Israel

Meydad Tasa: Kol Dodi
Composed by: Menachem Basch | Arranged by: Yoeli Dykman | Mixed by: Eli Melamud | Recording Technicians: Gili Telemann, Assaf Rtovic, Srulik Orbach, & Sinai Barnitz. | Recorded at: Studios Songs Bnei Brak. | Produced by : Aviad Gil at Studio Friends
Pianos and synthesizers: Yoeli Dykman | Drums: Asher Paddy | Percussion: Gadi Sri | Bass: Aryeh Berkowitz | Guitars: Avi Singolda | Violins and strings: The Israel Symphony Orchestra | Trumpets: Oleg Muir | Trombone: Vitali |Saxophone, Clarinet & Flute: Peter Wertheimer. | Choir: Yoeli Dykman- Chinese Embers-Yanki Eckstein.

Yehuda!: Torah Mates
Lead Vocalists: (“Father”) Yehuda!, (“Son”) Max Goldman | Adult Choir: Dovid Gutman, Noam Shapiro, Yehuda! | Boys Choir: Mordechai Blau, Ishai Gahanian, Ariel Lapp,Yoni Lapp, Eli Meyers, Nachshon Schlesinger, Avi Seltzer, Benyamin Seltzer, Rachamim Seltzer, Liam Shamir, Avinoam Sharvit, Raanan Weiss | Song composed by: Pesach Woznica | Lyrics composed by: Sheya Fromowitz and Menachem Basch | Orchestrations, harmonies, and studio recording by: Yehuda! | Material used with permission of Jerusalem All Stars, Inc. from “Generations of Song” (Yehuda! Album #6)

Yehuda Green: Vetaher Libeinu
Produced by: Aaron Zutler | Composed by: Shlomo Carlebach | Arranged By: Yehuda Green |

8th Day: It’s Shabbos Now
Written and composed by: Shmuel Marcus and Bentzi Marcus | Produced and arranged by: Bentzi Marcus | Drums: Rosy Banjo | Accordion, Keyboard: Leo Chelyapov | Acoustic and Electric Guitar: Bentzi Marcus | Bass: Steve Farrow | Lead Vocals: Shmuel Marcus | Recorded @ Bonus Room Studios and Studio Dee’s. | Mixed and mastered by: Andy Haller.

Lev Tahor: Bris Aisonim
Composed by: Eli Schwebel | Performed by: Lev Tahor | Lev Tahor is Ari Cukier, Gadi Fuchs and Eli Schwebel | Co-produced by: Ian Freitor and Eli Schwebel | at The Playground, Staten Island, NY | Mixed by: Ian Freitor at The Playground, Staten Island, NY

Berry Weber: Meshabchim
Produced by: Naftali Schnitzler | Arranged and Programming By: Ruli Ezrachi |Recorded at: Spectrasonic Studios, Brooklyn NY

Oorah Audition Winner: Eli Levin – Ahavas Oilam
Produced by: SkyLine Music, NYC | Composed by: Baruch Levine | Arranged and Conducted By: Shmuli Rosenberg | Rhythm Recorded at The Jam Room, Howell, N.J. by Arnie Brown | Vocals and Overdubs Recorded at SkyLine Music, NYC
by Shmuli Rosenberg | Mixed by: Shmuli Rosenberg at SkyLine Music, NYC | Drums: Benny Koonyevsky | Bass: Conrad Korsch |
Guitar: Kevin Kuhn | Saxaphone: David Mann | Piano and Synthesizers: Shmuli Rosenberg | Strings by: Christian Howes Productions with Christian Howes, Christopher Marion, and Catherine Bent

Lipa Schmeltzer: Kabeid
Composed by: Lipa Schmeltzer | Music by: Naftali Schnitzler | Mixed by: Ilya Lishinsky | Produced by: Zemer Productions and NMS Productions

Jewish Music Reporter
Jewish Music Reporter

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