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JMDerech Experience – Ari Baumann & Singers

by JMDerech January 21, 2010

Motzei shabbos and time to for another review. Ari Baumann & Singers were to be singing at a Bat Mitzvah in Long Beach. I was driving from Monsey, where I had stayed for shabbos and was excited to hear Ari play. Baumann has been in the business for 20 some years now and is an expert when it comes to playing keyboard for simchas. He was kind enough to let me film him and I even sang on the microphone briefly, which was not recorded, but maybe next time. We shmoozed between his breaks and play time and he’s a very pleasant person and is passionate about his work.

His actual performance on the keys was terrific. It’s impossible to capture the magic that occurred that night and if I could show the excitement in the air and how into the music the girls from the bat mitzvah were, I would have (tzenua factor). But the girls loved him, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and all in all, it was one of the better motzei shabbosos I’ve had in a while.

I would recommend hiring him for a simcha, but that’s your call.

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