What New Music is Coming?

Shua Kessin – Lo Lahityayeish – Produced by Ozer Babad. Coming in September.

Benny Friedman – Benny’s CD has been in the works for quite a while now, they had to take some time off due to Benny’s recent wedding but the CD should be finishing up very soon. (I’m told it’s “pretty much” done.)

Shloime Gertner 2 – Yossi Tyberg, Yossi Green, Gershy Moskowitz and Shloime Gertner equal Jewish music gold. This CD is in the production stages and word on the street says it should be in stores sometime between October and December.

YBC LIVE 3 – The goal for this album is to be in stores in time for Chanukah

Shades of Green II – Yossi Green’s Much Anticipated sequel to Shades of Green is now in production! As you know the first SOG had 24 songs presented in 12 different styles which besides expressing music in a new and very exciting way, was also a tremendous value. Being that all the songs were composed by Yossi Green, the choices of songs on the CD were breathtaking!

Mendy Wedyger – Mendy Werdyger is working on an all new album, featuring songs from some of today’s hottest composers! No release date set.

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__________________________________________________________________________________________________________ is proud to present our first ever Music Updates list. For this article we spoke to many singers and producers to see what they are up to. We are working on a second part to this list so sit tight and in the mean time enjoy this one…

Shua Kessin
Word has it he are only days away from this album

Benny Friedman : I know I know everyone keeps saying soon. But word has it that it’s in finishing stages. That means it’s almost ready for release so sit tight just a bit longer and I am sure we will see this album very soon.

Menucha 2 Ok we know you have been told soon many time before…It really was supposed to be out before Purim but Samech who is behind the album pushed it off till the summer. Eli Gerstner’s YBC got pushed off so Samech pushed this off as well. We really should start hearing about this album pretty soon.

YBC LIVE 3 The Recording of the Pesach 5769 Concert is being finished off and hoped to be in stores around Chanukah time.

Yossi Green : Yossi Green is working on a Shades of Green album # 2. He told us “I am hoping for the recording of the music tracks in the first or second week of October, IY”H… The first level of the music arrangements are almost done” This album will host approximately 26 songs of equal quality as the first shades of Green Album. This album will have an English language BONUS song on the CD which will be done in the latest and most advanced way in the styles of The 8th Note. It should ready soon. We will have to see.

Shlomie Gertner 2 We spoke to Gershy Moskowitz and he told us that Shloime Gertner has finished recording all the songs for his new album. Gershy said it is his hope that the album we be available around Chanukah time.

Lipa Shmeltzer: We spoke to Lipa and he told us he is well underway on a new album. Lipa has already invested over 100 hours in the project, and he hasn’t even started recording yet! We can except this is be another great hit for sure! He told us he hopes to have the album out sometime before next summer!

Lev Tahor 5: Jewsh Insights is reporting that Lev Tahor is finally back in the studio working on their next album. With the HUGE success of Lev Tahor 4 they will once again astound and thrill audiences with an all original all new MUSIC album. The album should be available at the end of next summer.

Miami Boys Choir- Yerachmil would not confirm if he started on his new album yet but he seemed to imply it. In his own words “it’s too early to give any details and let’s not let any of our any cats out of the bag just yet”.

Yosef Chaim Shwekey 2 – Yosef told us a second album is planned and he might be starting to work on it after Sukkos.

Berry Weber 2: We spoke with Naftali Shnitzler and he told us Berry Weber 2 is well underway. He told us his goal is to have it ready by next Rosh Hashanah but no guarantees. Also he wants to let people know he is looking for 4 more songs for the album and anyone who has ideas for songs should e-mail him at

Chevra 4 – Eli told us that All the Music on Chevra four is already completed. Eli is trying to get the guys in the studio to record the vocals. We probably will see it out later in the year.

Mendy Werdyger Mendy is curently recording the vocals for his new album which will be produced by Gershy Moskowitz. Gershy said he hopes for chanuka time!

Yossi Frankel – We spoke to Yossi and he told us he is choosing the songs for his debut album which he told us he has no release date set as of yet. All the songs and compositions will be done by Gershon Frankel who has composed many song for major artists such as Avraham Fried.

Yoni Zigelbaum – Yoni told us he is at the begging stages of his debut album and expects it to be a long process. He already has a few songs and is working on collecting many more. He said we probably wont see an album for about two years down the road.

Kol Noar Boys Choir 2 – Mo Kiss and Bentzi are writing and formulating ideas for a follow up album, also working on the concept of the album, where they want to go with it.

AKA Pella 4 CD Eichler and Mo are back at in a new acapella album. As Moe told us we can expect a lot of surprises with this album with great new songs (although it will follow previous albums having many adaption’s from secular music). We are also told the album will host some interesting guests. The hope is this album will be ready by Pesach this year in time for the sefira season.

Moe Kiss – Mo is back in the studio and working on two albums of his own. The first one which he told us should be out by the summer is gona be a “new idea” to Jewsh music. No further comment on what that new idea is. He told us he is also working on a second album which is really a lot more secular in nature. Of course it will still be Jewish but it will incorporate a lot new sounds that are more his style. No word when this second album might be ready. Those who saw the youtube clip of him with Lipa singing anovim ( that gives you an idea of what his style is like.

Dovid Gabay 3 After a summer filled with meetings with many great Jewish Music composers, Dovid has almsot finished collecting all the songs. Next they will start the recording process and hope within the next year to have a release.

Yehuda Green Yehuda is in the process of recording songs for his new album. His producer told us he is hoping for a chanuka release.

Dovid Stein – Dovid told us he is currently putting together material for a second album.

Avarahm Fried – Avarahm told us he is working on a few projects, including compiling material for a “regular” album, another all-Yiddish album, and possibly all Hebrew and all English albums.

Special Thanks to Sruly Meyer for his help on this list!

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