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One Week Later: Ata Imadi- Dovid Lowy

by OneWeekLater January 12, 2015

New jewish music is usually overhyped and very exciting when it is first released, and the first time you listen to a new song, it sounds nothing short of amazing, but then slowly after a few days, you end up putting it in the back end of your hits playlist. This is why I do my reviews one week later, usually we can tell if the album is a keeper after just a few more listens.

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Ata Imadi is Dovid Lowy’s debut album and the problem with debut albums is that they’re hard to review because the singer usually has a nice voice and good compositions, but there’s nothing to compare it back to, whereas a singer with a long discography, a reviewer can compare the new album to the last album he put out. That being said there is a good thing about debut albums. An early adopter can tell if the singer will be a star and can say to his friends, “you’re telling me he’s good now? I listened to him from the very beginning.”

Nevertheless, let’s get to this album. Dovid Lowy has a rich, young voice and his debut album should be a welcomed addition to your collection. Here’s the song by song breakdown:

ATA IMADI- a fast song with a catchy high part and easy words. You’ll find yourself humming this song to yourself after listening to it. Composed by Eli Klein, it lets Dovid show off his nice voice and is a very solid song to start off with.

ELOKAI- the first time I heard this song, it tugged at my heart. The child soloist is Dovid Pearlman and he has a beautiful voice and harmonizes very nicely with Dovid. The song itself was composed by Dovid Lowy himself, and is a really beautiful ballad. I can already hear this being played during the meal at weddings.

NIGGUN HISORERUS- It threw me off in the beginning, because I was expecting a nigun like I heard on the first couple seconds where Dovid belts out a slow nigun, but then the drums start and the bass starts to rock and the song starts to get faster and the song becomes one of those get up and dance at the kumzitz type of nigunim. Again composed by Dovid, he shows he really has a feel for both fast and slow songs and can put up songs to match the big guns in the kumzitz game, such as Eitan Katz, Yosef Karduner and Yehuda Green. I really enjoyed this song, and it could be my favorite on the album.

MEHEIRA- Composed by Abie Rotenberg, this song is a beautiful ballad. Abie also lends his vocals to the song and if this song gets big enough, it can be sung at chuppahs. It has a very nice high part and at the end, Abie and Dovid combine for a nice duet.

HOREINI- My second option for favorite song, this one has a really nice violin intro, followed by a nice kumzitz-type guitar-strumming song. It was composed by Dovid again, and he again shows his talent for composing songs. The choir was also arranged by Dovid, and they sound excellent on this song.

MA RABU- A heart tugging song composed by (you guessed it) Dovid. This song is a beautifully crafted song, focusing on the beauty of Hashem’s world. Ari Goldwag helps out with the backup vocals for this song. Arranged by Jeff Horvich, who helped out with most of the songs on this album, it’s a beautiful ballad and there is a great music video to go with the song that I advise you watch.

CHAMISHA KOLOS- A hora composed by Eli Klein. Featuring the Shira B’Simcha Choir, this song may not be my favorite of the album, but its definitely in my top 5. It’s a fun song that just asks to be played over and over and on that note, I think I’ll go and replay it……..

V’HAREINU- This song reminded me of V’Haviosim El Har Kodshi a little, but its nonetheless a beautiful ballad composed by Dovid. It features the Moshe Roth Choir and was again arranged by Jeff Horvitch. Dovid gives this song all his heart and it shows. I especially like the part where the flutes come in and the song speeds up. I wish he would have continued that part a little more.

HINENI- The most eyebrow raising song from this album. I can honestly that I’ve never heard a song quite like this one, but I like it. Composed by Dovid, the words come from the Shlah Hakodesh and the backup vocals from Ari Goldwag make this song the amazing song it is.

HASHIVEINU- Dovid composed this song as well (which brings his total number of songs composed at 7 out of 10). It features Yosef Karduner and is a nice kumzitz song that is heavy on the guitar.

In conclusion, this album is definitely one to add to your collection, whether you enjoy kumzitz or if you just want a new singer to listen to. If your an early buyer of jewish music this is also for you. Expect to see Dovid Lowy at a local kumzitz near you pretty soon.


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