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Photo Gallery of Soul II Soul

by Jewish Music Reporter February 25, 2015

By COLlive reporter
Photos: Itzik Roytman

The annual Soul to Soul concert in Crown Heights was a renewed reminder of what unity looks like.

With popular singers Benny Friedman and Chaim Yisrael performing both Ashkenazi and Sefardi hits, the delighted crowd applauded as each song began, and sang along with their favorites.

The duo performed for a packed house at the Brooklyn School of Music, benefiting the school tuition costs of children with special needs.

Local Crown Heights star Benny Friedman gave an energetic performance with his well known hits “Im Ein Ani Li Mi Li,” “Toda,” “Bum Bum” and others from his new album including the title track “Kol Haneshama”, while the crowd sang and danced along.

Israeli singer Chaim Yisrael, even while performing with a sprained leg, got the crowd going with both lively and soulful Sefardic hits such as “Menorah”, “Rebbe” and “Malachim”.

Mendy Pellin gave a hilarious live “Jewbellish” nighttime show, beginning with a monologue and leading into an interview with the show’s stars as well as Shmuly Goldman, who along with his wife Tzirl direct the Chasdei Soul to Soul organization and produce the annual show.

A unique moment during the show was a medley of songs by the classic 80’s Jewish boys choir Tzlil V’Zemer, sung by Benny. A surprise for the crowd was when Benny called up musician Chony Milecki, his partner on the popular weekly 90 second Dvar Torah videos, and they filmed the upcoming week’s episode from the stage, to applause from the crowd.

The spirited finale had Benny and Chaim Yisrael join on stage for “Yesh Tikvah,” Benny’s most popular hit song, which had the crowd singing and dancing.


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Jewish Music Reporter
Jewish Music Reporter

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