Emes – Blue Melody ft. Benny Friedman & The Zemiros Group

March 11, 2015 1 min read

Jewish music star Benny Friedman was accompanied by the Zemiros Choir when he sang at the wedding of Avi and Aviva Bogart at the Ateres Avrohom simcha hall in Brooklyn on Sunday.

And he added a special song to the repertoire: Emes.

“We felt this amazing tune entitled “Emes”, the final track on Benny Friedman’s album “Taamu,” never got the recognition it deserved,” said the members of Blue Melody Group who performed with him.

The song from 2009 was composed by Yitzy Waldner, with lyrics written by Benny’s father, the renowned Rabbi Manis Friedman and music star Lipa Schmeltzer.

The video was filmed by Mutti Engel with the sound mixed and mastered by Aryeh Kunstler of Roar Studios.

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