One Week Later: Yiddish Nachas- Yossi Green

March 31, 2015 2 min read

One Week Later: Yiddish Nachas- Yossi Green


In today’s review, I will be implementing a hash tag ranking system at the end of each song review. It’s a scale of 1-5 with Hit being the top (5), followed by Very Nice (4), Solid (3), Pretty Good (2), and Not Great (1). These are just my opinions and of course, you may have your own and I welcome your criticism and objections in the comment section below.

Today’s album is Yiddish Nachas- Matonah Toivah, by Yossi Green. Yossi composed all the songs and they were sung by the Yiddish Nachas choir, a group of chasidish children with gorgeous voices.

Hiskabtzi- A favorite on the album, the song is gorgeous and was recently used as the gimmel theme song in Israel for the elections. The child soloist is Sruly Lauder, who has a gorgeous voice. #Hit

ATOH KODOISH- A nice, rocking slow song, with the words taken from Shemonah Esrei. The child soloist is Yoeli Hirsch. #VeryNice

EIN KELOKEINU- Yossi Green sings the song in the first part and then the choir sings the end to him. A nice funky nigun. Sruly Laufer is the soloist. #Solid

RIBONO SHUL OILAM- The soloist on this song is Avrum Chaim Green. He hits all the right notes in this beautiful song. #VeryNice

MATONOH TOIVAH- The title track of this album is funky and cool with a techno type theme. The song has very interesting lyrics, from Massachusetts Shabbos and including some Yossi’ own lyrics. The soloist is Avrum Chaim Green again and this is one of the greats on this album. #Hit

MOGOIN AVOS- This song starts with a chazanus of Mogein Avos and then Sruly Laufer, the soloist on this song, starts a slow song with a piano background. Then the chorus, which reminds me of Kah Echsof, is sung by the choir. #VeryNice

HATOIV- A nice fast song, taken from the words of Modim. The soloist is Sruly Laufer again. It’s the classic type of fast song and I’m very into it. #Solid

ZECHOR AHAVAS- Have to say I was expecting a fast Hora here, but nonetheless it’s still a good song. The soloist on this song is Moshe Yida Eckstien and he has a gorgeous voice. #VeryNice

KI LECHO TOIV- A Hora song with a bongo type of beat. Soloist is Sruly Laufer, and there’s an interesting mid involved as well. #PrettyGood

ADERABA- I loved this song but I think it may have grown a little long in the tooth. Still, this is a good version of the original Yossi Green composition. #Solid

All in all, a very good album with a few hits and very solid songs interspersed in between. It’s a very good album and if you like children’s choirs, then this is a great album that you should definitely have in your collection.

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