Music Video: “Where Do I Go”

June 01, 2015 2 min read

JETS Creative Wing releases its first music video from the soon to be released EP (Short Album).

The video depicts the heartbreaking scenes of a young man sent from home, lost and looking for a way back.

“This project infuses the talents of the students and the staff, working together to create high quality entertainment, while sending an educational message to the world,” says Menachem Weinstein, music teacher at JETS school in California.

Weinstein was inspired by the talent around him, he says, and embarked on this musical project with Student David Vingart, eventually incorporating many other students from different classes into the project, contributing in all areas of the production.

“The aim of our projects is to educate the world with morals and ethics from the Torah in a meaningful and entertaining way,” said Rabbi Zalmy Raksin, Director of JETS creative wing.

JETS Creative Wing, currently in its first year, is based out of the Jewish Educational trade School in Granada Hills, California.

JETS Yeshivah is a trade school for young Jewish men giving them a well-balanced program of Judaic studies, vocational training and recreational activities. JETS celebrates individuality in a positive and supportive environment.

Rabbi Mayer Schmukler, founder and director of JETS, says, ” we live with the teachings of Proverbs 22:6 – if we educate a child according to his way; even when he grows old he will not depart from it.”

The EP (Short Album) will be released within the coming weeks.


Produced By JETS creative Wing
Video by Aryeh David
Lead Actor: Yotam Menachem Lerman
Thanks to: Mendy Lebovic, Zalmy Raskin, Mendy Sitrin, Yaakov blanton, Sroli Raksin, Yossi Soifer, Family Seewald and all those who help fund this project

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