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HILLELKAPS – Review of Miami Boys Choir “Ut Ut”

July 06, 2015 4 min read










Today I’ll be reviewing the latest album from one of the most well-known choirs throughout Jewish Music, The Miami Boys Choir led by Rib Yerachmiel Begun. While they’ve been releasing albums for many years, the choir still manages to pump out original material with arrangements that properly showcase the compositions. Let’s get started!

Ut Ut – Arranged by Yisroel Lamm, the title track of the album starts us off with an orchestra/rock feel. Featuring some amazing soloists (not to mention the choir themselves) and some surprise vocals by Yerachmiel himself this is definitely the way to start off an album.

Leibedik – Arranged by Shai Bachar this next track gives more of a modern feel with its synthesizers and drum machines. Just in case you didn’t get a proper dosage of Yerachmiel Begun’s signature vocals in the first track, this one provides us with some of his great backing vocals.

Boi – Now that we’ve gotten all riled up from the first two songs on the album, this next composition starts to relax us with its beautiful piano introduction. I cannot possibly imagine how Yerachmiel gets the choir to sing with the emotion they sing with especially during these slower ballads, but whatever he’s doing, he should definitely keep doing it!

B’Simcha Rabah – While the last song was an easy-listening composition, this next track gets us moving with its Middle Eastern themed electronic arrangement. I haven’t unfortunately had the opportunity to see the choir live recently but I’m sure that this must be one of the concert hits!

Tzur – This next song while maintaining a more relaxed feel also raises the tempo we’d expec6t from a slower song which is nice. I can see this song being used at Camp Kumzitses over the course of this summer

V’Shum – Typically when purchasing an album you are expecting to hear the featured artists (in this case the Miami Boys Choir) and you may even be expecting to hear the leader of the choir, but how often do you get to hear a completely brand new choir featured as well? On this track we get an appearance from the Miami Alumni Choir. The Alumni choir features some of the best voices featured throughout the many albums released by the Miami Boys Choir.

Invei – This next song was composed by Reb Yerachmiel in honor of his son Chananya’s wedding in 2014. For those of you who enjoyed the Alumni Choir on the previous track, this track features the Miami Alumni Choir as the lead vocalists.

Sameach – Now that we’ve heard the song composed in honor of the wedding of Chananya Begun, we get a taste of Chananya’s musical talent. This next arrangement was done by Chananya along with Reb Yerachmiel and it’s pretty clear the musical talent runs in the family.

He Will Answer Us – Continuing in the theme of special feature on this album, this next track features vocals by Orie Shaked, one of the members of the Miami Mizrach Choir, as well as vocals by star soloist Dovid Pearlman. This song gives over a wonderful message and helps provide the listener with the reminder that while there may be rough times in our Galus, Hashem will answer us!

Lo Bashamayim – This next composition seems to be what I would expect to be a common request at concerts as well. The only question I have is if they do perform this song at concerts, how do they go about getting everyone back in their seats after the song is finished?

Pitchu Li – Featuring a number of talented soloists within the choir (7 to be exact) this next track gives a melody to the well-known Chazal where Hashem tells us that all we need to do is make an effort similar to the tiny hole of a needle and once he sees we are putting the effort forward he will open up the door for us, all we have to do is take that first step. This composition perfectly showcases this idea.

Kol Kol – Here’s a question for you: How do you end an album that starts with a bang? The answer of course is with another bang! The final track of this album features a composition that leaves us on a “Simchadi’ke” note! We are given a fresh tune to the words we have heard at countless weddings.

In conclusion it’s hard to imagine that this album is your first foray into the Miami Boys Choir but if it is, you’re in luck! This is a great album to start with, but by now you’re probably already wondering where you can get more albums by this illustrious choir. Don’t worry, you can find a large number of previous albums available for sale online or at your local Judaica store. If however you already own all the previously released albums and you’re wondering if this album should join your collection, go for it! Enjoy!

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