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#LAMUSIC: New releases coming soon…

by LA MUSIC September 02, 2015


Although there has been a torrent of new talent in the last couple of months, with many debut albums hitting the market. Some of the greatest names in Jewish Music have been relatively quiet. Well it seems that many artists will be releasing new material with in the coming months.

MBD– The King of Jewish Music returns after officially going in to retirement. MBD had said in the past, that his last album was his “retirement album” and he is moving to Yerushalayim “where I hope to spend the rest of life, learning Torah and doing mitzvos.” It seems as though he’s back on the music scene. He just recently released two songs from his upcoming album in honor of his granddaughter’s wedding.

Avraham Fried– announced at a recent concert this past summer in Israel that he will soon be releasing an Israeli Hebrew album. He sang two new songs at the concert the first one was Yerushalyim Shebalev and the second Hashem Yilachem Lachem.

Dovid Gabay- there have been talks about Dovid releasing an album for a while now. It seems like the long wait is finally over, his album titled Hakol Letovah is being released next week. The album is co-produced by Sruly Meyer (who produced Benny Friedman’s last and upcoming albums) and C.D. Eichler (of A.K.A.pella). The last album he put out was Eretz Yisroel. More recently he released a song titled Borei Olam, composed by Yitzy Waldner.

Yisroel Werdyger– is due to put out his 4th studio album. Yisroel is a popular wedding singer and is a son of Mendy Werdyger. He just recently released a song called Al Kol Rega composed by the super talented composer Yossi Green.

Shloime Daskal– is working on another Dance album. Shloime generally switches off between relax/kumzitz style albums and dance albums. He is arguably the most sought after wedding singer on the Jewish wedding market today.

Shloime Taussig– is due to release his 3rd album titled Mikaan Va’eilech. Shloime has popular hits like Hecher and La’Hashem Haaretz Umolah (from Yitzchak Fuchs who also just recently released an album titled Yitzchok Fuchs and Friends). The latest song from Shloime is the hit single called Mai Dehave.

Yossi Green– is working on many projects. He’s putting out a collaboration with Mendy Portnoy. The album is called Pianesque, and is coming out this week. Another project he’s working on is Yiddishe Nachas 2 which is titled Chavivin Yisroel. Yossi is also working on a collaboration with singer Shlomo Simcha called Lichtikeit…coming soon.

Benny Friedman– after the success of his last album Kol Haneshoma Sheli which was produced by Sruly Meyer, Benny has been performing non-stop all over the world. He has a concert tour set up by Avram Zamist for this Sukkos in Israel. When he is not performing, Benny is in the studio working on new material for his 4th album, which is hoping to have a mid winter release.

Yumi Lowy– There have been talks that Yumi has teamed up with Yochi Briskman who will be producing his next album. Yumi is a singer that perfoms at weddings and concerts. His most recent single Mi Adir was a huge hit, produced by Avi Newmark.

Yoely Greenfeld– (one of my favorite Chassidishe singers) who’s latest project was a wedding album with Even Al titled Beats, is in the begining  stages of his 3rd studio album. The album, (as his first 2) is being produced by the talented Naftuli Schnitzler.

Sruly Meyer and Avram Zamist are co-producing the debut album of up and coming star Mordechai Shapiro (Miami Boys Choir aluminus). They also started a new boys group called Maaminim.

Thanks for reading. I would like to thank my friend Y.R. for contributing to this article.  If you have any information about upcoming albums or projects that are in the works, please post in the #comments section, or email me at


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