One Week Later: SL2 by Simcha Leiner

October 13, 2015 3 min read

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Simcha Leiner started his music career with a music video of his song Kol Berama which was dedicated to the memory of the Fogel family of Israel. The video is very touching and the beautiful song was followed by many more singles, such as Mehaira and Mimamakim. These songs were followed by a critically acclaimed album called Pischi Li which featured songs such as Mi MI, Simcha, Pischi Li, Keracheim and Ono Hashem. He recently released a single called Lecha Dodi, and now we are up to SL2. This could be the fastest debut album to volume 2 that I’ve seen possibly ever, definitely in quite a while. It’s a credit to mega-producer Yochi Briskman and Simcha himself along with all the composers of these amazing songs.

The first song is called V’Atoh Marom, composed by Mordechai Brezel. Its a fun fast song that makes you dance. Simcha really utilizes his voice on this song, the high part allows him to get really high. The high part is definitely the best part of this song and this song is in my top 5 for the album.

His next song, Kanfei Nesharim, composed by Yochanan Gordon, is a gorgeous slow song that has a great saxophone solo in it. This is the best slow song on the album and the fact that Yochanan Gordon also composed Pischi Li means that he is the slow song king composer right now.

V’al Hakol, the concert song (meaning the one you’ll hear for a while) was composed by Doni Gross (who happens to put out excellent acapella albums). The lyrics to this song come from bentching, and this song will definitely make you dance. One of the best songs on the album, this was the song on the album that I pressed repeat on quite a few times.

Eishes Chayil is a very nice slow song that I find to be pretty basic and not all that exciting. Simcha still does a great effort, turning in a great performance.

Next up is Bonim, composed by Mordechai Brezel (his second song on the album), is a nice fast song about how no other nation is loved by Hashem more than Bnei Yisroel.

Next is Nigun Hachochma, the Breslov song of the album. This song comes Likutei Moharan, in which R’ Nachman tells us how every song has it’s wisdom. Composed by Anshi Friedman (who is a budding new compose who also composed Da for Levi Falkowitz and 2 new songs from MBD and Avraham Fried), this song is very nice.

Proizdor- The lyrics are from Avos about how this world is only a lobby to the next world. Composed by T. Miller, this song has a fun beat and great guitar solo in the middle of it. Simcha better sing this next time I go see him (pobably pesach).

The following song, Es Ponecha, is a beautiful ballad composed by Chaim Davis. This song is the second best slow song but a great kumzitz song. I can already hear it being played on the guitar as I type this.

Zamru, the Yitzy Waldner song, is definitely a hit. The lyrics are from Tehillim and we recently said these words before shofar blowing. Great fast song, great beat, great voice.

Next is Shalom, a slow song that doesnt interest me much. Its not horrible, just not my taste really.

The last song on the album is V’liyirushalayim. This song is a Bonus track according to the booklet, and for people who like chazanus, its probably amazing. I happen to not like chazanus, but I can still say wow he has a terrific voice and his range is admirable.

SL2 is only Simcha’s second album, but it feels like he was around for much longer. I feel he can give us a bunch more great albums like this one. If you liked Pischi Li, or heard Simcha Leiner at a wedding and liked his voice, pick up this album, it wont dissapoint. Buy it at or wherever jewish music is sold.

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