HILLELKAPS – Review of Dovid Gabay’s “Hakol Letova”

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Today I’ll be reviewing Dovid Gabay’s new album “Hakol Letova”. Dovid has been a star in the Jewish music scene ever since his first album. This album features some different names from his past albums so Dovid is reentering the JM scene with a fair amount of diversity. Let’s get started!


  1. Letav Avid – I can only assume that Dovid knew how in demand a new album from him was so he decided to skip  the intro on the first track. Even if that wasn’t exactly their thought process, we are definitely led to the album in the perfect way with an electronic-acoustic arrangement. This track was composed by Mordechai Brezel who is making quite a splash as a newer composer with tracks on Simcha Leiner’s latest album as well as a number of other compositions in various stages of production with other well known singers.
  2. Shir Ha’achdut – This next track is a bit more toned down than the one before it. Composed and written by Itai Amiran this song is dedicated to the memory of Naftali Frenkel, Gilad Shaar, and Eyal Yifrach. Dovid certainly does the song justice with his impeccable Ivrit pronunciation and his powerful vocals. The choirs on this track were performed by the Yedidim Israel Choir. The choir on this track helps take the impact of this song to another level.
  3. Oizer – For those familiar with Dovid Kaufman’s compositions, he has a history of composing hard-hitting tracks. Pair that with an arranger like Naftali Schnitzler who is known for arranging many hard hitting tracks as well and you have the perfect combination. Add in Dovid Gabay and you have the perfect Jewish music trifecta. (As a bonus the intro vocal is sung by co-producer CD Eichler)
  4. Moneh Moneh – This next track features an arrangement and backing vocals from Bentzi Marcus of 8th Day fame. Bentzi definitely adds in some of that 8th Day flavor within the production that we’ve all become huge fans of over the years. The message of this song is clear from the chorus. Some people spend their lives in pursuit of money, but at the end of the day money can’t buy anyone more time.
  5. Hamalach – Through the years we’ve all heard our fair share of compositions to the words of “Hamalach Hagoel”. That being said, this composition by Rabbi Moshe Rotberg is a nice breath of fresh air, and Simcha Schachter the child soloist on the track doesn’t just have an amazing voice, but he has the perfect voice to be accompanying Dovid throughout this track.
  6. Nelech – Composed by Yitzy Berry and arranged by Ian Freitor (another amazing production team) This song gets us up and dancing again. Dovid provides his own backing vocals throughout this song. The guitars you hear throughout were played by the very musically talented Nachman Dreyer of Freilach Orchestra.
  7. V’nizkeh – Composed and arranged by Yoni Alayev this next track will have you tapping your foot to the beat. This song reminds me of some of the older rock songs on past albums from singers like Shloime Dachs or Mendy Wald. This seems to be of a similar style with a more current sound.
  8. Odcha – This next ballad features a beautiful composition by Motty Illowitz. The arrangement by Naftali Schnitzler is a perfect fit both to the composition and the lyrics. Dovid once again shows off his powerful vocal skills in the ballad-singing department.
  9. Osin Teshuva – This song was originally featured on the “Inscribed” album produced by CD Eichler. Composed by Elie Schwab this song will get you in the mood for dancing…..and teshuva!
  10. Borei Olam – Due to it’s popularity you no doubt have seen the music video for this next song was previously released as a single. Even if you didn’t that’s ok, I’m not judging (but I would highly recommend you stop whatever you’re doing and go watch it now). This track composed by composer par excellence Yitzy Waldner features an exciting arrangement by Ian Freitor. Those of you who didn’t have a chance to hear this song or the “Inscribed” album will appreciate Dovid including both of these songs on this album so you can have them all in one place.

To conclude – You’re probably already a big fan of Dovids (like the rest of the world) and there’s a good chance you’d be purchasing this album anyway. That being said, let this review help you to purchase it quicker than you were planning. Great voice, great songs, great arrangements, what else can I say? Enjoy!

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