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8th Day “Moses In Me” [Official Music Video]

June 12, 2017 1 min read

Produced, Written, and Directed by Bentzi Marcus
Director of Photography – Mendel Katz
Edited by Moshe Bree
Assistant Director – Yisroel Dubov
Drone Camera Operator – Ryan Castillo, Desert Bird Media
Gaffer – Andrew Jorgensen
Assistant Camera – Tom Scott
Production Assistant – Nechama Marcus
Production Assistant – Randy Kulina
Color Correction – Mendel Katz

Shmuel Marcus
Bentzi Marcus

Basketball Players:
Mendel Lovitch

Yonatan Petlak
Simcha Uretsky
Menashe Amouna
Eitan Kavosh
Gavi Wachtel
Lev Sokol
Moshe Nikrooz
Benjamin Dan
Yonatan Dan
David Luria

Team Coach – Sean Aviv Topps
Referee – Gabriel Kuzmin

Business Man – Menachem Kashanian

Candle Lighting:
Ariella Herwegh
Luba Marcus
Nechama Marcus

Special Thanks:
Lev Stark, Yavneh Hebrew Academy, Elliott Samson, Shmuel Lovitch, Devorah Lovitch, Ed Lu, Chip Herwegh, Bethany Herwegh, Rashi Marcus, Bluma Marcus, Mendy Friedman, Shaindy Friedman, Chaim Marcus, Mushka Lightstone, Bruce Witkin, Ryan Shapiro, Mendy Werdyger, MostlyMusic.com, Sean Miller, Jeff Singer, Avram Zamist, Sruly Meyer, Nachum Segal, Yossi Zweig, Eli Marcus, Eli Schwebel.

Song: “Moses In Me”
Artist: 8th Day
Album: Vol. 7, Slow Down
Distribution: Aderet
Copyright 8th Day Band Shmuel Marcus and Benzion Marcus 2017

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