8th Day – Talk to a Friend (Official Video)

February 11, 2020 1 min read

The music video is performed by Shmuel and Bentzi Marcus of 8th Day, one of the most popular Chasidic bands in America. It features children acting out the scenes in order to communicate their message as clearly as possible. Entitled “Talk to a Friend,” it exhorts children to reach out and communicate when they’re in need. It has been purposefully created as a positive, uplifting song in order to keep the focus on inspiration. The goal of the video is to teach children how to communicate, to not to be afraid to communicate, and why communicating is good.

Produced & Directed by Chaim Hershkowitz

Co – Produced by Yaacov Behrman

Performed by 8th Day

Filmed and Edited by Moishy Lew

Composed By Shmuel Marcus

Music by DJ Izzy

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