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Singer/Songwriter Naftali Blumenthal Releases Debut Single/Music Video S.O.S (Source of Strength)

by Jewish Music Reporter February 28, 2016

Jewish music and its styles have definitely grown and evolved over the years. Today, listeners Baruch Hashem have a wide variety of styles, from 8th day’s unique, fresh sound of blending both English and Yiddish lyrics to the Chassidic stylings of Yossi Green’s latest work of art, Yiddish Nachas. Music is a very powerful tool that can evoke a wide range of emotions. As many know, music transcends speech.

Naftali Blumenthal is a young man who has been diligently perfecting his craft as both a singer and songwriter. Since a young age, he has been playing several instruments, as well as honing his songwriting skills. Naftali’s style is somewhat unique. It’s not about fast songs or the latest trend. It’s about deep emotion and a more meaningful composition. His original English/Hebrew lyric compositions, with their simplistic musical accompaniment, make one feel it deep in their soul.

Naftali isn’t looking to become the next big thing in Jewish music or a popular wedding singer. What he is looking for is to share his music with the world, hoping that there are enough people who will be affected by it and impact their lives. That doesn’t mean that Naftali isn’t a singer in his own right. While learning in yeshiva in Israel, Naftali held many kumzitzes and had the opportunity to sing at many chuppahs. Those who have had the pleasure of the experience always inquired as to when Naftali’s original music will be shared with the public so they can listen to it any time they want.

Well, the time has come. This debut single/music video, produced by Shia Fried of Studio 123, is titled S.O.S. (source of strength). Naftali is showing the world just who he is at his deepest core. The song is about making the most of one’s life, in both the good times and the bad. While the video might be beautiful and simplistic, the music is sure to reach deep down inside the viewer/listener and grab them. It reminds them that regardless of class, position, talents and abilities, Hashem is the Ultimate source of strength. Without Him in our lives and minds, we lack the means to go on.

Source of Strength will be available online for digital download on iTunes, Amazon Music, Mostly Music and Spotify.

Jewish Music Reporter
Jewish Music Reporter

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